“Pimp Your Vinyl” is a collection of artworks on vinyl originally presented by the Fresh Paint Gallery and the Under Pressure Festival. Over fifty local and international artists have participated in various exhibitions since 2016.

As part of the 25th edition of the festival, we have decided to bring the artworks back to life by exhibiting them online. Thus, the online collection of “Pimp your vinyl” exhibits the work of 19 artists. You will find original artworks, on your favorite medium, at a more than affordable price. A great opportunity to buy local and support our artists.

Artists: Adida Fallen Angel * Andydass * Carolina Espinosa * Chris de Muri * CSRK * Dodo Ose * Eskro * GreG13 * KUBY * Lapin * Loopkin * MAG * Maliciouz * MSHL * Nicolas Francoeur * Opire * Paulie Heart * Wuna * ZYON