It was in 1999 that the Under Pressure showcased the first edition of Out For Fame. This exhibition adopts the title of graffiti movement iconic song New York rapper KRS-One. It was the first graffiti culture inspired exhibition presented indoors in Montreal and featured renown graffiti writers such as Dyske, Other (aka Troy Lovegates), Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant, Flow, Chrome, Duro3 and many more.

20 years later, the exhibition is still of interest. It is a real tribute to the movement and its contributors and puts aside their differences to reunite on one common interest: writing and graffiti. Through a collaboration with the collective Art by Friends (FR), Out For Fame mobilizes an international community from graffiti with artworks that come from the 5 continents. The collection has been presented in: Montréal (CA), Toronto (CA), Annecy (FR), Lyon (FR), Bruxelles (BE), Geneva (CH) and Noumea (NC).