Founded in 2011 by the Under Pressure Graffiti International Convention, Fresh Paint is an alternative project working on giving new life to empty spaces by turning them into temporary cultural spaces. Fresh Paint Gallery is a space for exhibitions, education and events. Its goal is to find balance in between cultural and educational activities while keeping the promotion of urban culture as a main goal.

Greatly influenced by street art and graffiti movements, we show collective exhibitions on a regular rotation with a mix of local and international artists. You will find a great and different variety of aesthetics mixed up at the gallery which offers visitors an immersive experience, thanks to artistic work in 3D. The space presents the best of emerging artists–street art, graffiti, pop-art, graphic design, illustrations–which deserve to be seen by you.

Fresh Paint offers an alternative to the institutionalized and commercialized cultural system for artists and the public. Forget white walls, posh vernissages, elitism and egos, our project is authentic, for the people and accessible.