Regimental Oneton

Regimental Oneton, who was born and raised in Montréal, Québec, has had an inclination for music and the arts since his youth. He started out performing under the moniker Regimental at age thirteen expressing his views through guitar, drums and vocals.

In 2007, Regimental began getting more involved with painting in both fine arts and graffiti. As a result to this new found admiration for painting large-scale canvases into his repertoire, from this point onwards, Regimental added another moniker to his identity: Oneton.

Oneton blurs the line between fine art and street art painting portraits of artists, actors, musicians and criminals. His art is darkly macabre and yet emits a certain brighter side of our lives. Into these creations, Oneton inserts a slightly crass sense of sexual bluntness. The artists’ paintings are classically urban while still manifesting elements of graffiti culture.

Oneton still paint within the urban sphere. However, he does not view himself as a street artist. Over the course of last few years, Oneton has created over 200 pieces, locally exhibited in three solo art shows as well as collaborated in various group shows.


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