Louisa Donnelly

“ I have always believed there is an intricate relationship between fine art and design. I believe that each discipline enhances the other and that this approach has enabled me to continue to create original and exciting work.

Inspiration is drawn from everything around me. Music and the arts, nature and our relationships, the past, present and our uncertainties for the future.
I have spent many years creating, and am particularly proud of my style which has developed through life experience. I continue to develop my craft through integration of new materials and fresh ideas. Having recently completed an MA in music technology in University of Limerick, I can now add sound art to my repertoire.

My background in the visual realm lies in sculpture, which I studied from 1998-99 in Limerick School of Art and Design. I spent some time traveling after that year before returning to LSAD to complete a BA in Graphic Design Communications. Throughout this time, I began to keep visual diarys – sketchbooks in which I began to create collages from my photographs, sketches and various recordings which had been collected throughout the years. Later, my sketchbook work translated to larger individual pieces, where techniques were more defined, integrating photography, painting and illustration. My work now spans across different media forms which includes digital and has been utilised in varied context.

I constantly try to push the work further, experimenting with different mediums – incorporating the style into my graphic design work and now integrating these visual elements into my audio work. Check links sections to view my other projects…”

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