Andrew Da Silva

Andrew Da Silva is a visual artist hailing from Montreal, Quebec. With influences in animation, pop culture, comic books, anime, and cartoons, Andrew’s work leaves a lasting impression. Bold lines, pastel colors, sharp teeth, horns, wavy hair and funky hats, are just some of the wild attributes of his monstrous creations. As part of the En masse arts collective, Andrew has worked on murals for well established Montreal festivals such as Nuit Blanche, Under Pressure,
and most recently the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Whether Andrew participates in a group exhibition or a solo one, he garners the same response from his viewers delight and fright as they experience scary, but oddly cuddly neon monsters in an orgy of delight and drink. The boldness of his characters captures the same festive atmosphere regardless if it is seen through his signature kaleidoscope of color or as part of a black and white collective piece. Future projects include more collaborative works with fellow En Masse artists, exhibitions, and a foray into the imaginative world of comics !