Label UP North Trip

The Up North Trip compilation series is the first project on Under Pressure Records. The whole idea is to give hardworking Canadian artists an extra push – to help put on those who are out there grindin’. How many times do you recognize an emcee’s name but haven’t heard any tracks? These compilations are about delivering dope joints from cats who don’t have big promotional budgets or major financial backing. They’re meant to help our audience discover that ill underground shit that might otherwise go unnoticed in many regions.   The first three volumes (and the all-French CD) come free with Under Pressure Magazine (issues 6-8).

The next installment in the UNT series is a collaborative effort with our homies Dave One and A-Trak over at Audio Research Records. Featuring the best of the best from all across Canada, the next compilation is being sold separately from the magazine and will be available at the usual boutiques and mom & pops, as well as most major retailers. With the CD, we’re also including the long awaited, highly anticipated Under Pressure DVD – for free no less. Featuring footage from every year of the Under Pressure event, this DVD includes highlights of graf, b-boys & b-girls, emcees, and deejays (check out A-Trizzle killing it at age 12). It took a while to get this DVD done but it was definitely worth the wait. Don’t sleep on this piece of graffiti (and hip-hop) history




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