RIP Paul Frappier a.k.a Bad News Brown

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To Montreal he was a Hip Hop icon, loved by all. His music resonated, seeped through our ribcage and squeezed our hearts. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Snoop, Kanye, IceT….this we all know, most will remember this legacy, but, Bad News Brown will always been Paul Frappier to me.

We first met when I was attending John Abbott College. He was hilarious. I mean FUNNY.  A funny no one else had been to me up until that time. I spent most of our friendship laughing and the rest finding out what a knowledgeable person he was. He was a surprising individual with a giant heart and personality to match. It was no surprise to me that he found his destiny on stage.

We lost the proximity that nurtured our friendship when I went off to university.  Centre-Ville is a long way from Hudson but, we seemed to bump into each other often enough because we ran in the same circles. We’d indulge in a dose of nostalgia and it would usually end in a genuine, “Nice seeing you, take care”.  As life went on, as it usually does, we grow and move on to bigger and better things. He went on to hone his skills and managed to create a harmony between hip hop and a harmonica that we didn’t know we needed until he started to blow. Now, those who knew him, those who have crossed paths with him, performed with him or simply knew him a Paul can sit back and listen and remember.

Thanks for the laughs, the love and the music.

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