Red Tape vs. Red Paint – A Series Part II


Author unknown
New City, New York- (February 25, 1998) — Rockland County Legislator VJ Pradhan has introduced an anti-graffiti law to the Legislature that is intended to curtail future graffiti violations within Rockland County.

Legislator Pradhan is concerned that the increase in graffiti is contaminating the natural beauty of Rockland’s suburban
landscape. In addition, the proliferation of graffiti costs the taxpayers, homeowners and retailers thousands of dollars to remove such markings and repair the damage. If not removed promptly, graffiti presents a negative image of a deteriorating community.

In an effort to aid the police agencies, the anti-graffiti law will broaden the number of public employees who can police the community for perpetrators. Under Pradhan’s law, graffiti is defined as etching, painting, covering, drawing upon or marking public or private property.

A person who is found guilty of a first time graffiti offense will be fined a maximum of $500.00 and a maximum of $1,000.00 for the second offense. Other penalties may include imprisonment of ten days in jail, community service and restitution depending on the individual case. Violators may also be required to remove the graffiti themselves.

Legislator Pradhan concluded,” This graffiti law is an important piece of legislation because it works to ensure the quality of life in Rockland County. Most people move out of the city to enjoy a graffiti-free suburban life. This law will take extra steps to protect Rockland from vulgar and unsightly graffiti.”