PrezOne – Innovation + Dopeness

I had the unique opportunity to interview PrezOne a local designer using his skills to design the biggest, original little accessory coming out of MTL.  Take a minute to get to know a talented and really nice guy.

So my first question (obviously) is when did this all start?

I produced my first pair of serious lace locks about a year ago. When I say “serious” I mean the first pair of lace locks I designed with the intent to put out there as my contribution to world wide sneaker culture. The first set of lace locks I dropped was actually designed as a 2 part set of limited edition  interchangeable lace locks. First “Fresh/Dope” then “Real/City”, once you got both sets you could mix and match Fresh/Dope, Fresh/City, Real/Fresh, Real/Dope , Dope/City…

How much do you love sneakers? Am i wrong to assume your love of shoes spawned your idea?

Yes I am a sneakerhead, but I also enjoy the hunt. When I travel part of the fun in exploring a city is finding sneaker spots, the other part of the fun is finding rare or odd kicks. I would say what spawned my idea is rooted in my passion for kicks, design & jewelry.

The twentieth century changed roles for women during and after each war, (stay with me here) and the average middle class women was expected to work AND look pretty so, for woman at the front lines or for those managing the home, a pump, for example, that could easily turn into an evening heel was suddenly in demand.

So began the love affair with the ‘shoe’ clip and it’s popularity in the 50s and 60s. This was my second thought after seeing your work for the first time. My first thought was what a fresh idea, my third thought was this question: On a small scale Lace Locks are stylish original idea that may be small in size but when noticed, makes a big statement.

What are your thoughts and ideas on a larger scale? Let’s say you were asked you design a series for NIKE or REEBOK, what would your artistic direction be for the masses?

Since I have began developing PrezOne material it has always been contained in an exclusive or  limited quantity kind of frame work. Mainly because I have always liked the idea of custom made things, implying that they are made with attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, Qualities that might easily be lost when producing on very large scale.

I would believe that my artistic direction for a project on such a large scale would have to be  something based in originality and innovation, I believe these characteristics would be appealing to the masses.  As for the ‘shoe’ clips, they are a great example of clever ways average middle class women of the 50s and 60s found in order to add personal and distinctive touches to their footwear, without having to shell out for an expensive pair of pumps every time they wanted to switch up their look.

What’s you typical workday start and end with? What’s in between?

A typical day would be my 9 to 5, but once the sun goes down is usually when I start working on PrezOne materiel. PrezOne is an alter ego, mostly nocturnal, he is a sneakerhead scientist carrying out experiments in his secret underground lair…

Oooo I love alter egos, very super hero like…

What do you enjoy working with most when it comes to your custom jewelry?

I enjoy the learning process. A problem or difficulty can often produce innovative & interesting design solutions, these are things that I  believe make me grow as a designer. I also get a kick out of handling the physical objects themselves. I appreciate the actual physical qualities and aspects of metals…  I think thats why I keep having this recurring dream where I become Dr. Doom !?

Who would you LOVE to make a custom piece for if you knew you were going to die the second after handing it over? Basically how do you want your work to be remembered as (less tragic)?

The Entire Wu-Tang Clan!

OMG Prez. Dope for real time ten.

How would you like your work  to be remembered?

I would like my work to be remembered as authentic, made with passion and dedication, and that it originated in Montreal City.

Next big project? Where can we see your work popping up next?

Next big project in the works is with Under Pressure!! Am really psyched about taking part in Under Pressure. I have been going to Under Pressure events for well over 10 yrs, checking out the pieces, the Bboy battles, heads at half pipe and I’ve had homies perform at many of the hip hop shows over the years. Under Pressure is undeniably part of summer in Montreal so to have the opportunity to be a part of that is really a huge deal for me. Thank you, and am looking forward to seeing everyone at Under Pressure 2011.

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