DJ Kool Herc Hospitalized – In Need of Support










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The nature of his  illness has yet to be disclosed however family and friends are reaching out to his fans for help. DJ Premier made an announcement on his Sirius XM radio program over the weekend regarding his health and said he is not doing well.

“We spoke today, and he needs some help to pay his bills for the hospital because he can’t hold it down,” DJ Premier said. “Being that he is the man who set this whole culture off, ya’ll should be wanting to do it any type of way that you can.” (source)

Most well versed in the Hip Hop culture know he was among an elite group of catalysts in the movement, so naturally one would expect him to be in a financial position to handle situations like these, however, his cultural contributions have yet to reap the rewards of today’s mega stars of the genre.

We at Under Pressure have had the pleasure of working with Herc and it is our responsibility as supporters and simply as good friends to spread the word.

For those in NYC, Tony Toca will be holding a collection for donations at Sutra this Tuesday. Those not in the Tri-State area can send their donations to:

Kool Herc Productions
PO Box 20472
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Understanding Diesel

Street related, literally. I am on the hunt for a vehicle.  We all need to get around right? I’m looking for the best of both worlds and in my books that’s stylish power humbly handshaking with Mother Earth.  Well here is an interesting online find from the good people at

Just sharing the wealth.


“WHOLETRAIN is an exciting and emotionally gripping drama, one that explores for the first time the secret universe of the graffiti scene. The protagonists exist in a breathless state, suspended somewhere between two worlds: their day to day life, and their existence within the crew. Florian Gaag manages to recount a tale colored by tension and aggression. The result is a many-sided portrait of characters whose world has never been documented in this way before. Their subculture remains authentic and realistic. Edgy editing and grandiloquent camerawork, a pulsating soundtrack and an excellent ensemble of actors, make WHOLETRAIN a film experience not to be missed.

Florian Gaag collaborated with internationally renowned graffiti artists. Writers such as NEON, WON, CEMNOZ, PURE and CIEL, who were responsible for the artwork in the film.

The WHOLETRAIN soundtrack, released November 23 2010, was produced by Florian Gaag aka AERO ONE and features exclusive tracks by legendary figures like Hip Hop greats KRS-One,O.C., Planet Asia, Afu-Ra, Grand Agent, Tame One, Akrobatik, REEF the Lost Cauze, Roger Rekless and El Da Sensei.”

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