Someone Is Setting ‘Hipster Traps’ in New York

Someone Is Setting 'Hipster Traps' in New York

This “hipster trap”—baited with Pabst Blue Ribbon, American Spirits, a bike chain and neon-pink Wayfarers—was photographed by Reddit user gigaface, who encountered the fauxhemian hunter in New York City. Before you object to the choices of bait, remember that having any opinion at all about hipsters or their taste preferences automatically renders you a hipster. The trap itself, according to gigaface, is made of cardboard. Full-sized photo below. [Reddit]

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Montreal brings Graffiti Art to Senegal – 2M Graff International Festival

by Mickey Boston

Africa…Africa: beautiful, motherland, exotic, lush, hungry, educated, walking, exploited, hurt, neglected, raped, diverse. Africa is a undeniably a continent with its very own history and each side of its landscape has a different account to relate. The cultures of this continent are breathtaking yet diverse from East Africa to North Africa…South Africa to West Africa.

In essence, taking this historical narrative into account, there have been many visions for this distinct continent over the centuries and if one were to pop in Nas and Damian Marley‘s latest album, one may hear and listen to so many things said and told about a continent pillaged over and over again to this very second where the struggle for so many of its children continues. There is no denying the reality. The reality that as I am typing this piece and that as you are reading this, a child in Africa has already died of either hunger, polio, AIDS or rape and violence. Africa is a continent in which one may spot a child soldier clad in torn garments, cigarette in mouth, not knowing what his/her tomorrow will bring.

All children deserve the right to education and basic necessities from clean drinking water to electricity. Having mentioned this, I recently crossed an initiative spearheaded by my very own beautiful sisters from Montreal’s Essencia Crew who will be travelling to Senegal for a humanitarian cause while bringing their colours and soul to the fore.

In essence, this coming 27th of March, 5 members of the Essencia Crew (SHALAK, FIYA, AISHAA, MARIEL, and Nomadic Massive’s MEDUZAH) will be traveling to Senegal to participate in the 2M Graff International Festival in the Nioro du Rip.

Some of us had the privilege of meeting with or crossing paths with Fanny Aisha, Fiya and Shalak’s beautiful work at Under Pressure here in Montreal or elsewhere in the Americas. Undoubtedly, their art, manifested in many forms beyond the Graffiti medium can be crossed over two continents and after their trip to Senegal, will be seen across three.

While Fanny Aisha, Fiya and Shalak will be doing art and giving workshops, fellow photographer Mariel Rosenbluth with be taking photography and giving a workshop as well.

They will be giving Graffiti, Photography and Singing workshops during the festival and would like to leave TOOLS with the youth that will be participating, so that they may keep creating long after the festival ends.

They are asking for Simple but important DONATIONS to bring on our journey.

If you donate 25$ of more we will write your name on a wall in Senegal (Beside or on the murals/graffitis we will be creating as part of the festival. They will be taking pictures, so you can see how your donation is such an integral part of this positive action ;)…

What is also being accepted:

*Packages of Coloring pencils/ markers
*Softcover sketch books,
*Camaras ( any kind that are in functioning mode)
*Specialized CAPs for graffiti spraycans

*(small scissors/ exatco knives)
*(poster paper)
*(BIC pens)

Your donations can be dropped them off at these following specific sites or email them at ( to arrange a specific time and place. REMEMBER THE LAST DAY TO DONATE IS THE 25th of MARCH…

to be announced in the coming days

msg FIYA at


As a hip-hop artist and photographer myself, the humanitarian cause is quintessential for all individuals, young or old alike, to partake in. Whether one is doing Graffiti, b-boying/b-girling or hip-hop or any form or fashion of the art that they do, the aspect of sharing this art for the greater good of humanity is undeniably a responsibility. When it comes to donating one’s money or time for a cause that can and will definitely either significantly change someone’s life and leave a lasting positive impression what more can be priceless? In this regard, even donating $5 in supplies easily purchased at Dollarama, will without doubt, go a very long way.

Beats, Rhymes and Flows…Montreal brings hip-hop Thursday through Sunday.

by Mickey Boston

I am not intent on constantly updating hip-hop shows in the city and do not have any form or fashion of making any new-found intent on doing so however, having mentioned this, this week is one big exception. This week expect quite a bit of microphone delivery on the part of some of Montreal’s finest emcees and djs. In essence, three local hip-hop shows are springing throughout this half week with quite a few shows at very affordable prices.

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

For lovers and fans of Soké Zahir, an emcee and producer who has dedicated himself to Montreal’s (and Quebec’s) hip-hop scene let alone the international one. Soké has been on the scene generously giving his time not just only to his craft but also bringing life and vibrancy to those around him. In essence, there is a lot to say about this artist and even a lot of professionally done video clips one may view. The show has no cover and this album is a long anticipated one as followers may know every track that has been put out has been a masterpiece. The album, Soké Soundsystem, will be sold at the show while Freshmakers will also be performing as well. The launch goes down at 9pm at St-Laurent’s Jukebox.

Thursday night also begins with the One Year Anniversary Showcase of Spit the Truth. STT has been a year long hip-hop showcase which featured itself on a monthly basis at none other than Montreal’s Brutopia pub. In order to celebrate their one year anniversary, hosts and founders Rough Draft and DJ Conn Shawnery will celebrate the event’s first year anniversary with 13 emcees alongside some rather random and spontaneous freestyles by the night’s closure. The cover is only $5 and will be held at Club Lambi. Don’t miss it. Strongly recommended for lovers of underground hip-hop, so be sure to head out and support an array of local talent from Murderface’s CL to NDGs own Deprisk. Other acts include Paradoxe, tri-lingual emcee Mad Gab, Spook-One, T-Cup, Clarity, MC Puzzle, Mic-key Boston, BK of Art-Cons, Alquimia Verbal, B Green and P Flow Matics.

Saturday, March 12th, 2011.

For lovers of the battle scene, the King of the Dot is your best bet. There are just so battles on the bill that one just needs to read the flyer for all the info. Organizers of KOTD always provide a loaded plate and the series has itself been running for just over a year. The battles have garnered a significant amount of views and popularity over the net. For those who want to see and hear some of the most poignant punch lines and deliveries with a slight twist and dab of freestyle then this is the event for you and yours.

The event will be hosted by none other than OG Hindu Kush & KOTD Champ Bender of Flight Distance. There will also be live video mixes by The Dopamine while AGL/Step Your Life Game Up “When That Umbrella Pop” T-shirts will be available. Finally, OG Hindu Kush: In 3D will be available for sale. (Hard pause copy)

Enter Big Brosky

Covering Montreal Grassroots Hip-hop, Graff and b-boying.

It's always nice to put a face to the journalist or writer, this is what I look like while I appreciate the piece behind me a few steps in front of Guy Metro

Before I am to begin slamming some very poignant articles on this UP site, it is undeniably quintessential that I introduce myself to the local mooks and heads in and around this very beautiful Island that we all so proudly and fondly call home.

The name is Mickey ‘Big Brosky’ Boston. The ‘Mickey’ is actually pronounced Mic-key (as in Microphone Key). In a nutshell, I am a local hip-hop artist, photographer and activist born in Montreal’s Little Burgendy district. By the age of six, I and my family moved to the United States and since three years ago, I have been residing back in Montreal where everything began. This is undeniably my hometown and I do find it essential for one to always remember and be proud of where he/she came from. In context of “Boston,” well to make a long story short, I am a huge fan of the Red Sox and NOT the Bruins, just the Red Sox. Despite this, I do rock my vintage expos jersey with an Expos fitted tipped to the side, but because I am still following baseball, the Sox became my team after we lost our beloved Expos, and yes I can name you that entire roster.

I performed at UP Summer 2010, proudly with my Expos cap on, a team I still love and am strongly nostalgic for. Rember those $5 ticket days at the Stadium?

I am a huge advocate for grassroots hip-hop and for those who have already either been in the loop or have been following my music over the years know how the fabric of my hip-hop is strongly woven in the garments of the old school. My new track with Regimental Oneton drops tomorrow entitled “Old Skool Reminisce.”

In essence, I am all about the creative process when it comes to hip-hop and its sub-culture and as an academic (I was working doctoral studies in literature and am still stuck in McGill for the next couple of years) I bring a rather critical and tenacious eye to where hip-hop is headed both on a local scale as well as on a global/universal one. I am intent on covering and bringing you the events that you either need to scope, hear about or read about if you missed ’em. In other words, this is all about the underground, the hip-hop that goes back to graffiti writers, b-boys/b-girls, djs and true school heads who know the difference between commercialized junk and classic underground gritty sound.

Expect some very stunning photography from my part. The photography is called "Mickey Boston Philosophy." My Philosophy is influenced from KRS-1, but this is a long story. Above: Johnny Skywalker of Red Mask Crew Montreal, a contributor to UP Breakestra and b-boy battle.

Moreover, despite such givens, I will attempt to bring you interviews with local b-boys, graff artists and hip-hop artists here in Montreal. You will get to learn and discover some peeps in Montreal who you may have perceived never existed. Aight, enough has been said on my end…Feel free to drop your questions and concerns my way and let me know what it is that you would like Under Pressure or myself to cover.

Finally, I would like to extend my respects and condolences to the family of Paul Frappier also known as Bad News Brown who was a  gifted artist and friend, undeniably his smile was sunshine. Keep the vibes positive, don’t let the paint dry out and stay up and stay focused, One.

Theodora Richards Arrested for Graffiti

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards appeared in a New York court on Wednesday after being arrested for spraying graffiti on a building and drug possession.

Theodora Richards, 25, was taken into custody Tuesday night after plainclothes officers spotted her using an acrylic paint marker to spray the letters “T” and “A,” with a heart symbol in between them, on the side of a building in New York’s trendy Soho neighborhood, police said.

Richards, the daughter of Richards and former model Patti Hansen, was also charged with unlawfully possessing marijuana as well as a controlled substance, which police say they believe to be hydrocodone, a prescription pain killer.

Richards was arraigned on Wednesday afternoon in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. She turned down an offer from prosecutors of two days worth of community service and one day of substance abuse classes. No plea was entered and she was released without any bail.

She is due back in court on April 21.

Richards, a model, has appeared in campaigns for fashion giants Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry.

Story Source here.

RIP Paul Frappier a.k.a Bad News Brown

courtesy of

photo courtesy of

To Montreal he was a Hip Hop icon, loved by all. His music resonated, seeped through our ribcage and squeezed our hearts. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Snoop, Kanye, IceT….this we all know, most will remember this legacy, but, Bad News Brown will always been Paul Frappier to me.

We first met when I was attending John Abbott College. He was hilarious. I mean FUNNY.  A funny no one else had been to me up until that time. I spent most of our friendship laughing and the rest finding out what a knowledgeable person he was. He was a surprising individual with a giant heart and personality to match. It was no surprise to me that he found his destiny on stage.

We lost the proximity that nurtured our friendship when I went off to university.  Centre-Ville is a long way from Hudson but, we seemed to bump into each other often enough because we ran in the same circles. We’d indulge in a dose of nostalgia and it would usually end in a genuine, “Nice seeing you, take care”.  As life went on, as it usually does, we grow and move on to bigger and better things. He went on to hone his skills and managed to create a harmony between hip hop and a harmonica that we didn’t know we needed until he started to blow. Now, those who knew him, those who have crossed paths with him, performed with him or simply knew him a Paul can sit back and listen and remember.

Thanks for the laughs, the love and the music.