Mc Baldassari Interview!


How did you first find out about Under Pressure? Did you start off as a spectator or an artist?

I had heard about it before here and there, but the first time I knew exactly what it was was last summer when I participated.


What are your comments and thoughts about Under Pressure’s role in the last 19 years in growing the public’s acceptance and knowledge on street art?

I know it’s been an event for a longtime  in Montreal. I saw a poster of it when it that dated back to the 90s and I think it’s great that it lasted so long and that it’s kept going strong regardless of other new events like it, like Murale.


Other than Under Pressure, have you done work on the streets?

Not alot, I started doing arts 4 years ago, studying in industrial unitl 2010. I really started doing art in 2010, and I wasn’t a resident of Canada back then, so I didnt want to get arrested by police or anything. So I hadnt done any street art, but it’s always on my mind.


You have also exhibited at the festival’s Fresh Paint gallery. How does your art and approach differ from the gallery to the festival?

I think it’s funny because Fresh Paint was a mix of 2 universes: street art and a regular canvas exhibition. The exhibition I had at the gallery was a pretty big murale for me also compared to my usual canvases, so it was almost the same thing as doing it on the street. You have to think of doing those murales as a whole; it’s not just putting a canvas on the wall, you are creating a universe where people can come inside and explore.


What effect has the gallery and the festival had on your career as an artist, professionally and personally? Has it helped you grow in any way?

Yes of course, that was the biggest wall I had ever done, so it was a pretty big thing for me. I don’t think a lot of artists have an installation like that; a whole wall and canvases they could also put up. So it’s great for my experience and portfolio. This also gave me a lot of feedback from people who saw my work at Fresh Paint, and it really gave me good visibility. Thank you to Fresh Paint and Adrien and everyone!