Fresh Paint is now ready to jump on Sainte-Catherine !

The Transition

It has been more than 7 months since the Under Pressure team temporarily closed the doors of the FRESH PAINT space in order to focus and concentrate on the continuation of the project. If the lack of transparency surrounding our intentions was misleading and you believed we were closed for good, we are happy to announce that you were gravely mistaking!

Over the last 7 months our dedicated team of volunteers has been working hard preparing the new space. This period of time was necessary for us to nurture our ideas, listens and identify the needs of the artists we worked with. It also permitted us to seriously reflect on the direction for the second phase of the project in order to make sure it properly reflected the evolution of the graffiti, street art and arts community.

It is our mandate with FRESH PAINT to guarantee the evolution of the culture and visibility for these artists while remaining as pure as possible to the ever changing, ever commercialized and highly mainstreamed exploitation of these artist’s works. Many have jumped on the street art and graffiti bandwagon in the past 3 years and in some cases have completely commodified this form of art to the point of ad agencies stealing it for campaigns without paying the artists for their intellectual properties.

Finally after 15 months of existence and constant cultural activities the time is here again to feed the masses with their continued and increasing demand, incredible support and a public who are always hungry to consume more visual information and a growing appetite for education. As we reach a cultural boiling point in alternative visual arts in Montreal, it is important to us that our public sees what they’ve encouraged and helped create over the last 3 years along side us. With many events, pop up galleries and shows, activities and festivals, a larger network currently exists for these artists.

Out of the dark and into the light

Finally all the work we have been doing behind closed doors and in the veil of darkness is over and it’s with lots of new ideas, projects and plenty of ambition that we are proud to announce the beginning of FRESH PAINT revisited!

In a more intimate and personal space located along Sainte-Catherine street east, we encourage the public to come and refine their appreciation and develop their critical opinion of the works and installations that we will be presenting.

The artists, carefully selected, have been working non stop for the last 2 months on an audacious group show that comments on current events and issues we are faced with everyday.

Join us on Saturday June 8th as we start a new adventure! Until then we will be putting out teasers and supplementary information to guide you and prepare you for our amazing first exhibition, so stay tuned!

While you are waiting, here are a few photos to tease your senses and hopefully peak your interests without giving away too much information.