So let me introduce you to Fletcher and Naylemonstre. Both artists met at school while studying Illustration and Design. Due to their interest in Fresh Paint Gallery’s past exhibitions, they decided to collaborate on the new one. Fletcher and Naylemonstre fused their respective skills and created a piece of artwork at Art Attack #12.

Fresh Paint: Hello Fletcher and Naylemonstre, why did you choose your pseudonym to be what it is ?
Fletcher – Fletcher was my phone name in a call-center.
Valérie (Naylemonstre) – Back when I was 12 and new to the internet I started writing Zelda fanfictions using Nayru as my username, and it just kinda stuck. Over time it evolved and now it’s more of a reminder to not mind the bad stuff so much and focus.

FP: What inspired you to collaborate and create this immersive art piece at FreshPaint gallery ? Was this the first time you have collaborated on a project ?
We really wanted to work with the FreshPaint gallery because of all the cool exhibitions we had been to in the past. It’s such a community based space and we found it inspiring to see so many diverse artists working together to make something new.  When we chose our room we thought of making something like a party of weirdos. The balloons were the final step to make it silly. We wanted to make people happy and feel like they’re part of the fun. It is our first collaboration but we work beside each other a lot.

FP: Fletcher, I’ve seen on social media the pictures of the artwork you display in the streets. You are creating stickers with a touch of humor. They might enlighten people’s daily life when they bump into it at the corner of a street. When and why did you start sprinkling these in Montréal ?
I started making stickers around 2003. I really liked to draw and a friend had mentioned that stickers are a good medium, cause you can spend a lot of time on them and stick it up quickly. Around 2006-07, I started making really elaborate pieces, often 30-40 stickers/ piece. Those took forever to make so I had limited output. These days I’m focusing more on making signs and putting them around town. It’s fun.


FP: Valérie (Naylemonstre), I’ve heard you’ve been creating black and white sketches for a month while taking over the InkTober challenge. More recently you’ve published a colouring book named QUOLIA. Could you please tell me a bit more about it ?
Inktober was an amazing experience! I first started it on a whim and it was very, very insightful on my own process. Going through 31 days of doing one finished ink drawing daily is pretty intense, but very rewarding, and the community around it was so nice and supportive. I then just happened to find someone who could print books for me, and put together my favorite pieces of inktober along with some new art, and that was it. Quolia is derived from the latin « Qualia », which is your conscious response to exterior stimuli, and I thought it made sense for a coloring book.

FP: Fletcher and Valerie, which medium would you prefer most ?
Valérie – Photoshop, pencils and acrylic.
Fletcher – India Ink, brushes, gouache, acrylic, Adobe Illustrator, but I definitely prefer working in traditional media.

Facebook: Fletcher | Naylemonstre