Under Pressure: 20 Years Later // Part 3

Is graffiti art? More and more people seem to think so. By 1999 – Under Pressure’s fourth year – the festival had quickly gained a following. Not only did it feature local Montreal favourites like HOPS Crew and JKR Crew, but this time, Under Pressure had gone international – Halifax’s HW Crew and Toronto’s Kwota Crew were there making their marks as well. The festival was even able to bring in FX Crew and TZP Crew from their respective locales of New York and Switzerland for the event, making it the most diverse one yet. As usual, graffiti writing was supplemented by live music, breakdancing, and more.york wall front

Rest in Power

It is hard to find a beginning when the shock of the news still hasn’t worn off. How can you express your grief or sense of loss when you can’t even believe the news is true… There are so many things that we can say about Sharon, stories of her success and her commitment to Under Pressure and to the team of volunteers, performers, artists and dancers who were able to work with her through out the years. Sharon was the kind of person you knew you could count on, to be there, to support the artists and music she loved and really believed in. She rarely got discouraged, and her love for the festival and those around her shone through in her devotion to putting on the best shows she could possibly do year after year. She never asked for anything in return, and had the wisdom and patience of someone who had unselfishly and whole heartedly been involved with the music scene in Montreal across decades of time.

Sharon had a vision for the festival and she had a work ethic which would not allow her to do things half way. The festivals performances grew under her care and she never backed away from doing what she knew was right for those stages. She believed in the festival but more importantly she believed in the people she worked with and would remind us of it when we needed it. Sharon always wanted to make the people who contributed their time to the event feel appreciated, and more than one time was she seen giving away her own festival shirt to a performer who hadn’t received one. She bought beer and water, she brought fury when she needed to but always checked in after to make sure everything was ok.

The 19th edition of the festival was a success and spoke to her vision of Under Pressure and what she wanted to keep doing for Montreal. Sharon was our respected colleague but most importantly she was a family member to us. This loss is profound, but she will be with us always.



Art Attack #05 : Lapin, Loopkin, Mad Dog, Sime

En décembre dernier, la galerie Fresh Paint inaugurait un tout nouveau concept événementiel, ‘Art Attack’, en jetant un clin d’oeil à la vieille émission de télévision pour enfants. Ces soirées sont en fait une collaboration entre quelques-uns des artistes de la galerie exposant dans le moment. Elles visent à faire partager un moment artistique unique avec le public, qui, bien sûr, en profite bière en main et musique dans les oreilles.

Au fil des derniers six mois, les amateurs de street art ont pu voir fusionner les styles respectifs de Gribouilliz, The Joos Says et Adida Fallen Angel, HoarKor et Miss Me, Turtle Caps et Future Lasor Now, et LSNR, Okies et Raphael.

La 5e édition d’Art Attack avait lieu le 7 août dernier de 19h00 à 23h00, en parallèle avec la 19e édition du festival Under Pressure et mettait de l’avant une collaboration entre les artistes Lapin, Mad Dog, Sime et Loopkin. Comme toujours, la performance visuelle tournait autour des mots ‘art attack’ et célébrait dans ce cas-ci les nouvelles installations à la galerie. De plus, à cette édition, les spectateurs de la performance ont pu profiter d’une exposition de paper toys présentée en collaboration avec Tougui. Côté musical, le collectif Highonbeats était aux commandes et a bien réussi à faire lever la soirée.


L’événement s’est déroulé dans la fébrilité et la hâte de voir le résultat final. L’oeuvre n’a malheureusement pas été terminée à temps pour 23h00.

Les styles des quatre artistes fusionnent à merveille, tout en restant bien distinctifs les uns des autres. Mis à part les contraintes à respecter, on retrouve un mur teinté de blanc, de noir, de gris et de rouge, affichant des têtes de mort ainsi que certains personnages miniatures et d’autres plus imposants.

La murale est maintenant achevée et l’occasion est donc parfaite pour aller visiter la nouvelle exposition regroupant les artistes Lapin/Sime/Mad Dog, Nixon, Miss Wüna, Lily Luciole, Scribe, Arnold, SJ Vriend, Adida Fallen Angel et le programme Graffiti Lachine.


Last December marked the start of a new event, ‘Art Attack’, at Fresh Paint Gallery. The name might ring a bell as you might remember the old television show for kids. Art Attack nights are a collaboration between the artists that have exhibitions up in the gallery.  This is also a way for the public to share a moment with these artists, beer in hand and some good music to listen to.

During the past six months, fans and visitors have been able to witness style blending between Gribouilliz, The Joos Says and Adida Fallen Angel, HoarKor and Miss Me, Turtle Caps and Future Lasor Now, and at last LSNR, Okies and Raphael.

The Art Attack’s 5th edition was held August 7 from 19h00 to 23h00, in parallel with the 19th edition of the Under Pressure  graffiti convention and it featured artists Rabbit, Mad Dog, Sime and Loopkin. As always, the visual performance revolved around the words ‘art attack’ and celebrated the accomplishment of the new installations at Fresh Paint. Street art lovers were served right, as they were also able to have a first look at a paper toy exhibition presented in collaboration with Tougui. Highonbeats deejaying for the night was also a great plus and got the night going.



While everyone was really looking forward to the final result of the wall painting, it still wasn’t done at the end of the event. The four artists’ styles actually managed to merge really well while remaining distinctive from each other. Apart from the constraints they had, Lapin, Mad Dog, Sime and Loopkin created a mural with shades of white, black, grey and red, skulls, as well as some tiny and some bigger characters.

The wall painting is now completed, which makes it a perfect reason to go visit the new exhibit showcasing artists Rabbit/Sime/Mad Dog, Nixon, Miss Wüna, Lily Firefly, Scribe, Arnold, SJ Vriend, Adida Fallen Angel and the Graffiti program Lachine.


Queen’s Creation is the first event to bring together women from the different urban arts communities celebrating their work and contributions to the domains over which they rule. This is a unique opportunity for not only the participating artists, dancers and djs but also for the younger women attending the event to make connections to women who have made a name for themselves as professional artists and recognized members of their own communities.

We want to put the spotlight on the local women who are making our communities strong and vibrant and encourage the next generation coming up to take their place to keep it alive. This is not an event which exists to separate women from their male counterparts; it is a celebration of their talent and motivation to be at the top of their fields.

Queens are recognized for their wisdom, experience and leadership, what they create is inspiring and magnetic. A Queen’s Creation brings together the women who are undeniable royalty for a celebration long deserved.