Entrevue avec Crazy Apes Crew

Crazy Apes Crew UP 2011

Quand avez-vous commencé à peindre au Under Pressure en tant que Crazy Apes Crew?

La première année, c’était en 2006, on a fait la murale Samurai, il y avait Mistx, Havok, Beta et Lith, au début début. Depuis ce temps là, on a peinturé pas mal à toutes les années sauf les deux dernières. Cette année, c’est le semi grand retour.

D’où vient le nom Crazy Apes?

Crazy Apes a commencé dans le fond en 2006, la même année que la première participation au Under Pressure. On avait fait un house party avec Fezat, Havok, Beta et Lith. Ça faisait déjà un petit bout qu’on peinturait ensemble. Narc aussi était près de nous à ce moment là, puis on a décidé de former le crew. Au début, on avait le nom Crazy Art Crew qu’on avait déjà utilisé dans le passé mais qu’on avait jamais poussé trop trop. Pis à la fin de la soirée, on avait bu pas mal pis là le nom était rendu Crazy Apes. Ça nous a juste trop bien représenté et on l’a gardé depuis ce temps là.

Combien êtes vous dans le Crew?

En tout on est douze, neuf à Montréal, un à Québec, un à Gatineau et un en Europe, au Luxembourg.

Vous allez être combien à peindre cette année?

Je pense qu’on est six, cinq de Montréal et un de Gatineau à peinturer samedi et dimanche, soit Narc, Same2, Korb, Kred, Akuma et Havok et nos assistantes.

Le festival Under Pressure pour vous ça représente quoi?

Je pense qu’au début pour nous le festival Under Pressure c’est une convention de graffiti dans les premières années, c’était vraiment un évènement réputé où il fallait que tu ailles un bon niveau de peinture pour peinturer. Malheureusement, je trouve que c’est quelque chose qui c’est un peu perdu par le temps mais qui revient lentement. Mais aussi, ils laissent une plus grosse partie au street art, donc je trouve que c’est un peu moins une convention de graffiti, c’est plus un festival d’art urbain. C’est ma vision personnelle, vision que le crew partage aussi un peu.

C’est le premier évènement à Montréal qui a mis le graffiti à Montréal sur la map à une époque où c’était très marginal et c’est un des plus vieux évènements de graff aussi qui continue d’exister, c’est un bon héritage. Il y a eu une passe de temps où on a vu les gros jams qui ont tous arrêtés comme Style in Progress à Toronto et Scribble Jam à Cincinnati. Ils ont tous arrêtés dans le temps de la récession, même à Montréal comme Can You Rock et Meeting of Styles. Le Under Pressure au moins il est stable, c’est un rendez-vous annuel.

Dans quel sens est-ce que c’est différent pour vous de peindre pour Under Pressure versus dans la rue?

Pour Under Pressure, c’est un bon spot, t’es downtown. Cette année, on peut faire le mur sur deux jours, c’est quelque chose qu’on apprécie beaucoup parce que dans les dernières années, le faire avec tous les gens autour de nous et amener une murale à un bon niveau en une journée, c’est un très gros défi et ça devenait assez dur. Ça va amener du recul aussi. Un mur que tu finis à 10h le soir puis un mur que t’as le temps de te reposer pendant une nuit et de revenir le lendemain matin pour revoir tes erreurs, le résultat va être vraiment meilleur quant à moi. Donc c’est sûr que c’est quelque chose qu’est le fun avec les évènements comme ça, on a plusieurs journées et il y a tout le temps les bénévoles qui s’occupent bien de nous et des échafauds donc c’est le fun pour nous autres.


Arab Winter: The Narcicyst Artist Profile

by The Narcicyst

Be A Part of Arab Winter indiegogo.com/​Arab-Winter
Follow The Narcicyst @ twitter.com/​TheNarcicyst

Under Pressure X The Medium Presents

Arab Winter Exhibition and Show Live at Fresh Paint Gallery, 180 St-Catherine East, December 2nd 2011 at 7 PM. Arab Winter is a Multimedia, multi-disciplinary event with musicians, painters, calligraphists, graffiti artists and short films. It is the first show in a series by this collective of Artists.


The Narcicyst is an Iraqi MC/Media Master born in the UAE, raised in Canada and continually questioned by the powers that be, his musical career was spawned through the collaborative work of the Euphrates family; A growing collective of Muslim visual artists, musicians, painters, filmographers and photographers. Releasing two albums with Euphrates, “A Bend in the River” and “Stereotypes Incorporated” respectively, the crew garnered worldwide attention from Time Magazine to publications out of the Middle East and Europe. A graduate in Political science and Communication Studies, Narcy went on to get a Masters degree in Media Studies focusing on the identity politics in Hip-Hop poetics, specifically encountering and dissecting the Arab-American experience through a thesis project entitled “Fear of An Arab Planet”. With a book being released under the same title, and a self-titled album, The Narcicyst is sure to make you see yourself through the proverbial mirror that is the current state of the world.

About Arab Winter

The Narcicyst will be musically curating the launch event of Arab Winter, handpicking some of the most powerful voices in modern Eastern music, from local Montreal talents, to international vocalists and musicians. With live interpolations of Warchestra to original material for the night, The Narcicyst will be transforming the sonic atmosphere of the space to bring you to the neo-Arab experience.


BLACK STAR: MTL Did Not Leave You Stranded

photo by Ayanna Durant

When scoping out the venue one might ask, “Who are all these people?”. I know that was the question I asked myself looking at all of the fresh faces. At $65+ a pop there was barely space to move once it was imminent the long awaited duo would hit the stage. I was impressed. Despite how saturated the genre is these days, it’s nice to know that there is a new generation doing their homework and appreciating Hip Hop at it’s best.

Prior to the main event,  prominent Montreal Hip Hop culture figureheads were given lifetime achievement awards, presented by City Styles, awardees included Paul Frappier a.k.a Bad News Brown, promoter Gary T and our very own, Under Pressure co-founder, Sterling Downey. Also, because of recent and unfortunate events Matt ‘Dutch’ Garner was also honoured.

DJ Spintelect, centre stage, set the tone with some classic golden era tracks then about four mixes in, Blackstar emerged flanking both sides of the DJ booth, slowly making their way toward the crowd. Once Mos Def and Talib Kweli made it to the spotlight with their vintage prep style, their custom painted red and white Super 55 Shure mics and ear to ear smiles it was clear, this was going to be good.

Opening with Determination and then hitting the crowd with one classic track after another, they made it easy for the crowd to keep their energy high and their eyes peeled on both Mos Def’s moves and Talib’s direction. Their set continued to unfold with impeccable timing and ease, despite Blackstar’s hiatus one might not expect such synergy but, these boys will always have it. This is Blackstar’s  first ever performance in Montreal thanks to promoter Rickey D, perhaps they wanted to make a great impression. Re:Definition and Astronomy (8th Light) were obviously well received as well as their yet to be release Fix Up.

A heartfelt performance of Respiration was dedicated to Montreal’s Matt ‘Dutch’ Garner and Paul Frappier a.k.a. Bad News Brown. For the ladies, Brown Skin Lady, was a track all the ladies were waiting for. Chanting and stomping impelled an encore that included Get By and Umi Says.

You walked away that night feeling good. Still feeling the base in your ribcage and days later, mouthing the lyrics and smiling to yourself. Are we hoping they will come back to Montreal?

Yes. Yes we do.

video by Ayanna Durant

A little taste of how much fun Blackstar had with their Montreal fans.

BLACKSTAR Performs at L’Olympia, Montreal, Canada from Ayanna Durant on Vimeo.

Test Their Logik w/ Mickey Boston performing in Montreal…

Controversial hiphop duo, Test Their Logik – comprised of Illogik and Testament – will be performing live in Lasalle’s D. Church (3067 Welligton) on Thursday, May 19th. Mickey Boston will the lone opener for the duo who have come a long way with their now official album launch.

This March through June, Toronto’s most notorious revolutionary hip-hop artists; “Test Their Logik” will be touring across the portion of Turtle Island known as “Kanada” with their long-awaited debut album. They are looking to connect with communities large and small on this journey in order to help develop links between communities, do shows to bring together radical minds, offer workshops for mind and body, and inspire people to imagine radical transformation and freedom.

Test Their Logik is made up of two revolutionary MC’s: Testament and Illogik. The pair were recently charged with conspiracy and other indictable offences for a widely-distributed music video they made titled “Crash The Meeting” which encouraged resistance to Toronto’s G20 summit. After 5 months of non-association conditions, these charges were stayed, and the duo are once again able to record and tour together.

Looking to tell their stories and listen to others across this land, they plan on hitting the road with their music, radical literature, workshops and talks. In past tours they have done shows large and small in bars, basements, alternative venues, community centres, schools, and auditoriums. Reaching out to urban and rural, indigenous and settler, young and old, and people of all walks of life and backgrounds, Test Their Logik is breaking the barriers imposed on them. In addition to performing their powerful thought-provoking music, Test Their Logik are happy to speak on the current state and potential of hip-hop, art and resistance.

Testament can also speak on power from below, resistence and repression, and leaderless organizing, with the G20 as a case in study. He can also lead a report-back workshop from his fact-finding trip to Palestine last year. Illogik is a certified and trained yoga instructor and martial arts practitioner who combines the ideas of both into ‘warrior yoga” sessions, basic self-defence workshops, as well as anti-oppression trainings.

“The ways we can connect are endless, the point is that we make contact with each other, build our capacity for grassroots power, lay down roots and build the networks that we will need in the future.”

These are tentative dates for our proposed route. If you live in any of these cities and want to help make this happen, then send an email to: holler(A)testtheirlogik.com. We are also open to revisions, if your community is interested in having us visit you. We are interested in connecting with people on reservations, intentional communities, small towns and large metropolises so get in touch!
This March through June, Toronto’s most notorious revolutionary hip-hop artists; “Test Their Logik” will be touring across the portion of Turtle Island known as “Kanada” with their long-awaited debut album. They are looking to connect with communities large and small on this journey in order to help develop links between communities, do shows to bring together radical minds, offer workshops for mind and body, and inspire people to imagine radical transformation and freedom.