Saturday, April 23rd: “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” Nomadic Massive and LEGZ Crew

by Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston

“No Sleep Till Brooklyn” – Friday Night

Two events this week in which no individual in and around this gorgeous island should sleep on. First off, Saturday April 23nd brings out “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” featuring the art of none other than Tim Barnard, Regimental Oneton, JP King and Alan Ganev. Posters to big asses on canvases and everything in between is on display (and for sale). One will not go wrong with the music and the booze. The show will not only have these talented gentlemen in the house, but you can take up your beef with them direct in the flesh. Moreover, the show itself is in a great venue and starts at 8pm. I will be there as well, having a drink and running up some chit chat here and there. This event was initially the night before but got moved to the 23rd.

Info is all on the flyer, you have no excuses.

Nomadic Massive w DJ Mana and Strength in Numbers.

I first crossed DJ Mana ten years ago alongside Killa Jewel. I was a guest judge and was impressed by what Mana brought to the fore. At that time I was only visiting Montreal and the set by Mana was a memorable one. I recall Jewel to my right and Mana came up on the stage to scratch a good 55 vinyls or so (based on my vague memory) in one minute. With so many years under his crates, the man is a DJ worth paying to see.

From here, I will simply copy/paste the rest from the Nomadic Massive event page…

It’s been a long time coming! After doing a few shows outside of our beloved city Montreal, Nomadic Massive is ready to take the stage again at Bobards on April 23rd, adding a few more musical spices to your plates. Nomadic Massive will be joined by scratch savvy DJ Mana and Parker on keys (GroundFood/SIN). Also joining the bill and opening the night is incredibly musical live Hip Hop band Strength In Numbers(Vermont/Montreal). Just by reading their bio,(see link below), you’ll understand that you wouldn’t want to miss this event. Tell a friend who has 2 friends and all make your way to 4328, boul Saint-Laurent. Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 10:15pm – all of the above for 7$.Oh! Music after the show will be provided by DJ KYOU…

Strength In Numbers’ BIO

Though informed by a wide spectrum of the soul and hip-hop lexicon, the musical identity of Strength in Numbers is altogether fresh. The uncanny ability of each musician to manifest their own musical self in the image of a common sonic purpose endows Strength in Numbers with an artistic maturity that belies their youth.

Booty-shaking backbeats and lush harmonies frame sizzling-hot horn hooks as everybody boogies down to the sounds of a visceral hip-pop that goes on long after the show is over.

S.I.N. has enjoyed raucous receptions in packed houses from Philly to NYC to Burlington to Montreal They have opened for such heavyweights as Immortal Technique, The Wailers, Akil of Jurrasic 5, among many others. They have established themselves not just as a fixture of the regional scene, but as a creative powerhouse with the impetus–and the means–to add their voice to the modern musical movement.

Come early and leave late!..

L.E.G.Z. CREW – 7th ANNIVERSARY JAM – Saturday Night

What can I say about LEGZ Crew? This is a League of Extraordinary Gentleman. LEGZ is a crew that I personally have great admiration for, everyone is on the same page and everyone is simply Real, Raw and Authentic. These are real people in the hiphop scene executing perfection. There are some heads within LEGZ that I particularly fond of and very proud of due to their hard work and dedication. b-boy Jestersoul is a brother to me, one of my most favourite individuals who knows his hiphop history, every time I see him at a jam, he rhymes and flows to the music. Pablo Diablo and Chilly always have a smile and Diablo is a very warm and positive individual. Everyone on LEGZ is down to earth, they come to every jam, support Montreal, dont talk shit behind other peoples’ backs and bring it. I admire this because it is so annoying to meet people in the hiphop scene who always have something negative or garbage to say, LEGZ is business and no backtalk or backstabbing.

From here, I would also like to give extended shouts to members Flash and DKC. DKC is always there for the poppers, he’s worked with everyone in Montreal and is not only a mentor but has seen the young grow in their craft. Expect a solid show and if you are new to the b-boying scene, you will not be disappointed. Congrats LEGZ, and many more years of success to come. Amen.

Saturday 23 april 2011

Doors open at : 7h pm
Jam starts at : 7h pm

3 vs 3 popping battle :
Juges : Express(New Energy), D-Hit(Flowrock, Funksoldiers, Legz) and one more …

5 vs 5 bboy battle :
Juges : Zig (Fresh Format, Flowrock,FlavaSquad), Freezer (Flowrock)
Crazy Smooth(Breaks Kru), Flash(Legz crew), Bourrik(Legz crew).

Host : Dr Step .

Djs : The kid (Flowrock), Frank Boulevard.

Doors 10 $, 5$ per participant.

Bboy Cash price 500 $ and Trophy.
Popping Cash price 300 $ and Trophy.

Popping line up :
– Mix’d Mafia
– Eazy
– Chaos

Bboying line up :
– Deadly Venoms Crew
– Sweet technique
– Legendary crew
– CypherSons
– Foreign Mind
– Ill force
– Dirty Laundry
– Closet Monsters
– Ill Abilities

Special concept battle !!!

Mass Microphone Murder

by Mickey Boston

Long anticipated, uber-hyped and finally out EP by MurderFace has finally arrived. Montreal’s most feared hip-hop group releases its Faces of Def EP at O Patro Vys. The show begins early and will undeniably run late into the night with sets by MurderFace and numerous special guests. There is no denying the fact that one should expect some very raw and uncut delivery however, having said this one should also expect to be taken by away by the amount of microphone skill and mic-murder that will be at this show. One cannot go wrong for $8 at the door and the purchase of the EP itself will leave everyone with enough coin to buy drinks for the night and manage to tip the hot bar girl.

The Gritty.

One particular cat to look-out for is Boombap Cat’s Penzo Gritty who has dropped some very heavy work over the past while. In essence, Penzo Gritty’s style is raw, authentic, genuine and uncut with a delivery that brings realism to the fore. It’s just that gritty boombap sound. If one has not gotten a hold of his much appreciated album from 2009, The First 12 Steps, one needs to take the first step and get a hold of it and play it. On a personal note, I was able to appreciate this project for its very sincere underground sound let alone the delivery of the verse over themes ranging from life’s difficulties, its ups and downs all the way to alcoholism. For those familiar with Penzo Gritty’s work over the years he is no disappointment on the mic and emcees of the likes of Gritty merit more exposure.

From here, CL of MurderFace is another act to undeniably lookout for on stage as he murders every beat that passes his way. Much respect heads out to CL not just for the dedication he has invested in his craft, but also due to the fact that the man himself did go to the same elementary school as myself and so it’d only be natural for Big Brosky to def support someone who was in the grade one year over his. Other special guests include Spook-One who has made quite some power moves this past year – and unfortunately I have not had the chance of hearing him live despite crossing at a couple of shows; the man missed my sets and Ive missed his. Despite this, Spook-One has been prolific on the battle scene taking out his opponents and the fact that his opponents have choked is no fault of his own due to the fact that, even if they did not, they still would have fallen victim to his penmanship and the very delivery of that very penmanship. Unanimous, no questions and no debate.

On the wheels expect Johnny Illdigger. What can one say about Illdigger, where can one even begin? Find his works and d-load them, nuff said. Moreover, the bill is a jam-packed one with Obia le Chef, one of my most favourite francophone emcees in Montreal, as well as Royal Peasants’ Loss One who always brings his bars hard whether alongside my brother in rhyme Urbn Logix or not. From here, the list goes on and MurderFace’s other three members have not even been mentioned. Be on the look-out for Mehdi Cee, BK of the Art-Cons and of course, Manzo and Masterbeater…poof, the show is too heavy, just bring money, go to the show and hit me back and tell me I told you so…

Cipher Slaughter…

Black Jungle and the Black Jungle b-boy movement, with its roots in Montreal and Queens, NYC, has been in the game for so many years it has undoubtedly rendered them as animals. Montreal’s Black Jungle has been making power moves both literally and figuratively over the past 15 years both in Montreal and the US. Members Omegatron, Benny, and KingTiger have given the city too much, in fact the city is indebted to their contribution to hip-hop and to dance from doing major video clips and choreography to musiqueplus and MTV…so what do you want?

Cipher Slaughter is another battle, and not just any battle but a show. It features Mickey Boston performing live as well as a Retro Assassins fashion show. The show is themed on the notion of Old Skool Slaughter vis-a-vis the cipher. b-boy Midnight is a special guest judge. Hailing straight from Queens, Midnight is part of the prized and highly respected Full Fx Crew.

Be sure to attend,  this is grassroots hip-hop.

INTER GENDER popping cipher battle

4)t rawnik
5)God Like
6)Doina (Mix’d Mafia)
10)popping Hao
11)popping Black
INTER GENDER bboying cipher battle

7)B-Girl Shade
9) Pyro (Furious Crew)
10) Jokerz (Furious Crew)
11) bboy icekream (Teenagers Crew)
12) bboy Flash (Legz Crew)
the cipher is growing bigger and bigger
thanks for your support everyone

be there or be triangle.

Enter Big Brosky

Covering Montreal Grassroots Hip-hop, Graff and b-boying.

It's always nice to put a face to the journalist or writer, this is what I look like while I appreciate the piece behind me a few steps in front of Guy Metro

Before I am to begin slamming some very poignant articles on this UP site, it is undeniably quintessential that I introduce myself to the local mooks and heads in and around this very beautiful Island that we all so proudly and fondly call home.

The name is Mickey ‘Big Brosky’ Boston. The ‘Mickey’ is actually pronounced Mic-key (as in Microphone Key). In a nutshell, I am a local hip-hop artist, photographer and activist born in Montreal’s Little Burgendy district. By the age of six, I and my family moved to the United States and since three years ago, I have been residing back in Montreal where everything began. This is undeniably my hometown and I do find it essential for one to always remember and be proud of where he/she came from. In context of “Boston,” well to make a long story short, I am a huge fan of the Red Sox and NOT the Bruins, just the Red Sox. Despite this, I do rock my vintage expos jersey with an Expos fitted tipped to the side, but because I am still following baseball, the Sox became my team after we lost our beloved Expos, and yes I can name you that entire roster.

I performed at UP Summer 2010, proudly with my Expos cap on, a team I still love and am strongly nostalgic for. Rember those $5 ticket days at the Stadium?

I am a huge advocate for grassroots hip-hop and for those who have already either been in the loop or have been following my music over the years know how the fabric of my hip-hop is strongly woven in the garments of the old school. My new track with Regimental Oneton drops tomorrow entitled “Old Skool Reminisce.”

In essence, I am all about the creative process when it comes to hip-hop and its sub-culture and as an academic (I was working doctoral studies in literature and am still stuck in McGill for the next couple of years) I bring a rather critical and tenacious eye to where hip-hop is headed both on a local scale as well as on a global/universal one. I am intent on covering and bringing you the events that you either need to scope, hear about or read about if you missed ’em. In other words, this is all about the underground, the hip-hop that goes back to graffiti writers, b-boys/b-girls, djs and true school heads who know the difference between commercialized junk and classic underground gritty sound.

Expect some very stunning photography from my part. The photography is called "Mickey Boston Philosophy." My Philosophy is influenced from KRS-1, but this is a long story. Above: Johnny Skywalker of Red Mask Crew Montreal, a contributor to UP Breakestra and b-boy battle.

Moreover, despite such givens, I will attempt to bring you interviews with local b-boys, graff artists and hip-hop artists here in Montreal. You will get to learn and discover some peeps in Montreal who you may have perceived never existed. Aight, enough has been said on my end…Feel free to drop your questions and concerns my way and let me know what it is that you would like Under Pressure or myself to cover.

Finally, I would like to extend my respects and condolences to the family of Paul Frappier also known as Bad News Brown who was a  gifted artist and friend, undeniably his smile was sunshine. Keep the vibes positive, don’t let the paint dry out and stay up and stay focused, One.