Expo|Q & A with Beeforeo


Beeforeo has a wall at the Fresh Paint Gallery at the moment, through these questions and answers you will be able to find out a bit more about this Montreal artist.

Fresh Paint: Hi! Where are you from?
Beeforeo: I’m from right here in Montreal!

FP: What came first Bfour or Beeforeo?
B:First was B4/Bfor/Bfour then as I became more involved in art shows and whatever I played on the word and came up with Beeforeo.


FP:Why did you chose the name?
B:I had a couple other names previous to that, nothing serious -super duper toy days. I guess Bfour was the name I had begun putting most work in with and it just stuck.

FP:When did you start hitting the streets?
B:I started painting in the streets probably about 14-15 years old. I loved graffiti immediately. The guys really rocking in my area while I was coming up was the HUV crew (Hold Up Visuel) who a few years later would become the notorious K6A crew. Saer and Serak lived really close by, they were the first real writers I met.
FP:Do you find the scene has changed? How?
B:The scene has changed sure but that’s what scenes do. Graffiti itself here in Montreal is still blossoming very beautifully. The street art culture is kind of like dolphin culture… everybody likes dolphins of course but nobody really needs a dolphin tramp stamp tattoo now do they?
FP:What do you think about the Fresh Paint gallery?
B:Fresh paint is fun it’s like the arena all the Xmen practice their battles at.
FP: What techniques did you use for the wall you did at gallery?
B: The most recent wall at the fresh paint gallery I painted with leprechaun blood, I haven’t come up with a name for the style as its very difficult to come by leprechaun blood and I don’t foresee myself using much more of it in the future.
FP: How different is it for you to do something in the streets versus inside?
B:Its always more exciting walking off from painting something in the streets -even if its just a tag. working on canvases allows me to learn more about myself I guess. helps me mature and keep moving forward as an artist not just as a writer.
FP:What are your thoughts on the Montreal art scene? For example, the new trend of having live painting at outdoor events
B:The Montreal art scene is cool. always a lot of things going on, good vibes, cool events and every so often even some good art.
FP:Last but not least where you popular in high school?
B:I was the shit in high school.


Under Pressure | Dimanche 9 Août

Le soleil brillait dimanche dernier pour la deuxième journée du Festival Under Pressure. Une autre journée remplie de joie, d’arts, et de fun. Les artistes se sont acharnés à finir leur murs, avec des résultats impressions, que vous pouvez observer maintenant que les échaffaudages sont démontés.

De leur coté les Bboys et Bgirls se sont affrontés devant un public aussi chaud que le soleil. Des crews et juges venus de toute part de l’Atlantique étaient là pour rendre hommage à la culture Hip-Hop. Pendant que de l’autre coté de la scène, la relève s’affairaient avec toujours autant d’acharnement sur les lettres UP XX du coin enfant. On espère avoir suscité des vocations et les retrouver dans 20ans, sur les murs des foufounes!

Les bénévoles, artistes et le public se sont ensuite tous retrouver aux foufounes pour célébrer en beauté la fin de cette 20ème édition. Pour lire notre récap de la soirée, c’est ici. On vous laisse revivre le festival en photos.



photographies: Zoé Bélisle-Springer


Expo| Discovering Brad Firmino’s world

Brad Firmino comes from Vancouver originally where he studied graphic design and worked in the field for a few years before moving to Montreal almost eight years ago. Focusing full time now on building a body of work after painting and creating part time for many years. Brad believes Montreal is a great place for artists as there are so many of them and many programs exist for artists. Living in Montreal has also allowed Brad to discover and appreciate the street art world which was not as prominent in Vancouver.

Enjoy Artwork has been his brand professionally for about ten years. The name dates back to some twenty years and was inspired by pop culture, Enjoy Coca-Cola. It also refers to attitude towards life and what it throws your way; whether good or bad things happen, the only option you really have is to enjoy whatever comes at you.


Inspired by the apparent door frame in the middle of the wall he was given at the gallery, Brad decided to create two more doors, pathways to different dimensions. Both doors have a religious theme but also include science fiction futuristic elements. The one on the left includes pop references as well as branding with the Enjoy Artwork logo. While the one on the right is a classical renaissance painting with science-fiction elements added to it.

Renaissance paintings and sculptures as well as Classical art and films have been a great source of inspiration for Brad over the years. But his main inspiration comes from something more recent: ”Video games are a huge inspiration. Actually, I get a lot of techniques from games. I follow a lot of video games and I know the evolution of the graphics. It has inspired a lot of ideas that I’ve put into my paintings.” His two favorite games are Street Fighter and Mario.

This main inspiration transpired very clearly in Brad’s last exhibition with Fresh Paint which had video games themes, a very experimental project using classical techniques and medias. Using different medias is important for the artist as certain subjects come out better using a technique versus another. It also allows him to change it up and makes creating even more exciting. He has been experimenting with mixed medias in the series of small prints available at Fresh Paint, the series is called Mixed Media Collectibles. A one of a kind type of work explains Brad: ”It’s mixed media so I create an image on computer with graphic design and it’s printed on vintage paper that I hand pick specifically for the print. I’ll chose something that will kind of match the image. Then I print it and hand paint it. All the prints are dated, numbered and hand signed. I’m at 215 different ones, it’s a continuous series.”


Pick up an Enjoy Artwork postcard while checking out Brad’s wall at the gallery. They are all examples of his work, there is a variety of stuff to get the images out there. ”I offer something free for people to take home to spread the word, it encourages my website and serves as a reminder or can be to decorate.”


Expo|The Tadaists: from Beaux Dégâts to Fresh Paint

Winning team of the last two Beaux Dégâts at Foufounes Électriques, The Tadaists just completed a mural at Fresh Paint Gallery. The three painters, Peter Farmer, James Farrell and Cédric Taillon got together for the first time at Beaux Dégâts in December, a collaboration which is definitely working. The gallery offered them a wall and their creation was completed in time for Nuit Blanche and admired by the many visitors through the night.
Nuit Blanche

Peter and James met in Halifax where they took part in a painting show a few years ago and have since done many live painting sessions together. After hearing a lot about Cédric over the years, they finally met at an evening that spurred from the Cabane à Sucre, a secret gallery project by Turtle Caps, last summer. Cédric had seen James and Peter’s work online and at various shows around the city. So when Adrien approached Peter to paint again at Beaux Dégâts, he asked James and Cédric and the new Tadaists came to life. The three of them participated in Beaux Dégâts on various teams. Cédric’s team arrived second more than once behind Iron Axe, back when the event was held at the old Fresh Paint gallery in La Patrie building.

About fifteen years ago, Peter came up with the name Tadaists while in College studying the  Dada movement and its Dadaists. With live painting you give this Tada effect, so what better name than The Tadaists for a live painting team!

 The Tadaists
Who are the Tadaists?

Peter Farmer, a visual artist from Wales originally, studied in Winnipeg and lived in Halifax for two years before coming to Montreal. Specializing in live painting for over ten years now, he also does graphic design.
James Farrell, from Nova Scotia, has been living in Montreal for the past four years. The art scene over here motivated him to make the move. He’s been drawing since he was five years old and live painting is now one of his favorite activities.
Cédric Taillon, a live painter who’s been organizing art events all over the city and who contributed to Décover magazine for four years. Making many contacts over the years in the art community, he really enjoys the competitive aspect of collaborating with other artists bringing out the best in him and pushing him to impress others.

 The Tadaists
Preparation to paint a wall at the gallery was quite a different process than Beaux Dégâts, where you are given a theme and have two hours to produce, with no choice, nor time to overthink. Having such a bigger time frame made for a few brainstorming sessions, with crazy ideas at first, eventually the guys cut it down to a jam on the wall. You can buy a piece of the wall as they have included detachable pieces in the mural, quite an original idea.

Cédric had done shows at the old gallery but for Peter and James it was a first. All three really enjoyed their experience and the fact that art is still being produced for the sake of art and not necessarily for sale. “Fresh Paint is recognized as an influential place where artists get up and their art gets seen”, explains Cédric, “it slashes away the snobbism of the art gallery movement”. Peter mentioned that “it’s a certain level of achievement, getting respect from other artists for having done something at the gallery”. James feels very grateful to have the opportunity to do art on a giant wall in Montreal.The Tadaists

Beaux Dégâts à Igloofest

Quelle soirée mémorable, on l’attendait avec impatience cette première édition Beaux Dégâts à l’extérieur lors d’Igloofest. Il faisait certainement pas chaud, autour du -25, mais cela n’a pas empêché les gens de sortir et les artistes de créer!

L’équipe High On Beats avec Construct, In the Valley, Wally et MC Ella Grave nous ont joué des super beats pour nous garder au chaud dans la danse toute la soirée. Deux super équipes d’artistes s’affrontent, d’un côté Woodland Creatures (Mc Baldassari et Aude Guivarc’h) avec le thème du yéti et de l’autre IronAxe (Iron, Axe, Ose et ZoltanVeevaete) avec le bûcheron.

Après deux heures de peinture live, le vote du public, grâce aux cannettes de Sapporo, détermine IronAxe l’équipe gagnante.

Voici quelques photos de la soirée.