Ok so my curiosity has been peeked in anticipation of Masta Ace’s upcoming show this Wednesday, March 27th at Foufs. So I caught up with Ace, Stricklin and Wordsworth about the industry, their Canadian tour, food and of course, Ace’s latest album, Son of Yvonne.

How long have you all been performing together?

Ace: “We’ve been performing together since 2001. I was promoting my album ‘Disposable Arts’ and decided to bring Strick, Words, and Punch on the road with me in Europe and we pretty much been rockin’ ever since.”

The album is a worthy tribute to the past and fabulously cohesive. Is it a safe assumption that this is has always been a project in waiting? Have these tracks been written over the years or was time dedicated to get them all out at once?

Words: “The album turned out so cohesive because we were used to each other having toured for so long together. We’re all pretty much like brothers, so the album process was a natural progression. And yes, we came together to write the songs over like a year’s time I believe.”

What are some of the major changes you love and hate about the industry?

Strick: “Well what I love about the industry today is social media and its effects. Nowadays, you are able to reach out easier to artists you admire and also it’s easier to connect with the people who like your music. That’s a plus! What I don’t love is the trendiness of some of today’s music. Everyone seems to be doing the same type of flow because its ‘trendy’! I like the originality of the music that came from earlier eras.”

In your opinion what are some industry misconceptions of new and up and coming artists? Where should their focus be?

Strick: “I feel because of social media and technology today, some of the newer artists are in too much of a rush. They think they deserve the ultimate success right away and that’s not how it works.”

Words: “Yeah I agree with Strick. The new artists today should be more focused on building a career organically. Because of Twitter and Facebook, the game is so fast right now. You put an album out and people are sick of it after only a month! So more time should be spent on slow cooking your career instead of giving people the fast food.”

Most Canadians would love to travel across this great country, how does it feel to make that journey and doing what you love?

Ace: “This is my 5th time touring Canada I believe and each time has been amazing! The country is beautiful from the small ski towns like Banff and Revelstoke to the bigger cities like Vancouver and Montreal. The people give a lot of energy, and Im always excited to be able to see all these things doing something I love. I’m blessed!

Have you been eating well? (very important you know…)

Strick: *laughs* “I’m gonna let Ace take this one!”

Ace: “Well, he’s laughing because I’m kinda like the health nut of the crew. I’m very aware of the things I eat so a lot of times healthy options aren’t available. Touring can be very brutal for healthy eating because you tend to eat late at times because of the travel. I sometimes have to break down and have fast food because thats the only way I can eat that day. I don’t think I ever want to see another Tim Horton’s in my life!” *laughs*

We love you here in Montreal, we can’t wait to see you all on March 27th, how will you be making your visit a pleasant one?

Words: “First off, thanks for the love! Umm, if I have time, I would like to go sneaker shopping. I always like to see what kicks are popular in foreign places.”

Strick: “Also wanna thank Montreal for the love and I would like to just chill and enjoy the city. Maybe walk around and sightsee and end it with a nice dinner.”

Ace: “I’m with Strick, see some sights and have a real nice dinner. Then put on a great show for a packed house! That would be the perfect day!”

Men who like to eat and shop are alright in my books.

There’s more…If you have yet to buy the album get on it and click here. Far from disappointing, the album includes features by the great Big Daddy Kane, the fabulous Pav Bundy, Reggie B, Milani the Artis and MF Doom. I mean honestly, can you ask for more than that?

Masta Ace and his camp will be performing live, March 27, at Les Foufounes Éléctriques, 87 Ste-Catherine East. $10 before 9pm/$15 after 9pm.

Oh My Gawd !

Here is the latest video of the experimental installation and work of Canadian Graffiti Writer and Street Artist GAWD that was executed in 2012 at the FRESH PAINT gallery in Montreal, Qc!

Gawd is an important part of Montréal’s street art community since the nineties. His signature use of lines and friendly, rounded spaces are reminiscent of early graffiti faces. He partook in New York art shows in early 2011 and continues to expose his work at different venues around the world.

Beaux Degats Art Mash Up

Bien à l’abri derrière une vitre, assez loin pour que personne ne puisse y toucher, protégées par des alarmes et entourées de gardiens, les oeuvres d’art sont bien conservées dans le monde des beaux arts. Alors que les institutions artistiques laissent croire que les oeuvres doivent être conservées à jamais, ici c’est différent et dehors ce l’est encore plus. Ça peut sembler cruel, mais dans le monde du graffiti et du street art, c’est un phénomène courant, normal et accepté. Les oeuvres sont saccagées puis remplacées par d’autres.

L’événement Beaux Dégâts tend à faire un parallèle avec la réalité de nos artistes de la rue et le monde des beaux arts. Bien confortablement installés dans l’espace, les artistes ont passé deux heures à créer une oeuvre inspirée d’un grand mouvement artistique. Ces oeuvres sont exposées dans la galerie, mais sans y être surprotégées. Les spectateurs présents lors de l’événement ont voté pour leur oeuvre préférée à l’aide de canettes de bière PABST vide, puis le groupe collectant le plus de canettes a pu saccager les oeuvres de ses compétiteurs. Comme dans la rue, l’art à Fresh Paint est temporaire, éphémère et toujours accessible au public.

MASTA ACE : Son of Yvonne Canadian Tour Montreal, QC

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 7.00.53 PM


Masta Ace will be hitting Canada this spring touring with his fourth solo album; Son of Yvonne. Son of Yvonne is a concept album dedicated to Masta Ace’s recently departed mother and is a pairing of Ace’ storytelling and MF Doom’s beats off of the Special Herbs mixtapes.

Masta Ace, who is known for his talent in the music game but also known for his contribution to youth and the community, made the record as a way to say thank you to his mother after she passed unexpectedly in 2005. In interview he described the record by saying “It’s me summing up my childhood and saying thank you to her and letting the world know a little bit about her. I don’t know if she ever heard a proper thank you from me.”

The Son of Yvonne tour showcases a solid line-up with rappers from Ace’ eMC crew; Wordsworth and Stricklin and will guarantee tight performances from a crew who unofficially came together in 2001 on Ace’ Disposable Arts tour.

Montreal and Under Pressure have had the amazing opportunity to welcome Ace in the past, most recently for UP when he performed a jammed show in 2011 as the main headliner for the summer time festival. This time around with local opener L.E.S. and DJ Johnny Illdigger the night will be nothing less than spectacular and another important moment in our city’s hip hop history.


“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…” Enjoy the warmth!

Here is an immersive installation artwork created by a very talented Israeli Street Artist called :

Full of motivation this is one artist who will invests on all dimensions of a space, here is an example of his work from the Fresh Paint Gallery during summer 2012.

Visually interesting from far, the entire installation takes its meaning as you you come closer and enter his imaginary environment. Those who where there and witnessed it’s creation know what we are talking about. His drawings, his messages and his questions are spread all over the installation hoping to warm up your heart.

And we’re pretty sure that the thousands people who traveled through his world during the time where it was there were able to feel the exact same warmth by reading his words…

This video is a story about a guy who literally opened up his heart during summer 2012, enjoy…


“Life is nothing but a collection of memories, fading away…
If you want to hold on to something you had better learn to let go.

‘My Faded Memoirs & The Power of One’ is my personal expression of the lost and found parts of my life. It’s a mix and match of ever growing and slowly fading styles and skills I accumulated over the years. It’s about the changing of times and the shifting of one’s awareness of the self.

The installation tells a story about the cycle of life, from birth to death and rebirth again. It’s a never-ending loop of creativity and decay.”

Adida Fallen Angel

Beaux Degats #7

Pour la première fois depuis la création de l’évènement, le Beaux Dégâts du mois de décembre se déroula en dehors des locaux de la Fresh Paint Gallery. En même temps, c'est normal : Nous n'avons pas encore déménagé. En attendant l'ouverture prochaine de la nouvelle galerie, nous avons donc investi le temps d'une soirée les studio de MTL BBOYING.COM

Nouveau lieu, nouvelles contraintes. Pour des raisons de places, nous avons du revenir à notre base de 5 équipes. Nous avons également dû dire au revoir aux panneaux de bois, afin de laisser place à une toute nouvelle surface de travail pour nos artistes.

Les thèmes des œuvres de cette soirée furent tous des films issues de la Blaxploitation, qui est un "courant culturel et social propre au cinéma américain des années 1970 qui a revalorisé l'image des afro-américains en les présentant dans des rôles dignes et de premier plan et non plus seulement dans des rôles secondaires et de faire-valoir." (Merci Wikipedia)

Les contraintes, elles furent toute inspirées par des événements marquants de cette année, car nous sommes déjà en décembre, et que nous pouvons déjà commencé à célébrer 2012, pour mieux pouvoir lui dire au revoir.

Les équipes de cette édition furent donc :

  • Régime du Rêve : Mireille Champagne et Regimental Oneton
  • Females : Bianca Hlywa, Erica Cyr, Leigh Macrae
  • Monsieur Plume & Mademoiselle Goudron
  • Art de Destruction Massive : Le Makabé, Enoma,DrunkenUncle, Screw, Johnzy
  • La Mandibula : Mc Baldassari ,Mateo & Il Rustico (Winner)

Après un duel épique, plus corsé que jamais, où nous avons été obligé, pour la première fois, de compter les canettes, La Mandibula a détrôné Régime du rêve, à une cannette près (110 pour le challenger, contre 109 pour les ex-champions), suivi de très près par Monsieur Plume & Mademoiselle Goudron (106)

La musique maintenant. Construct, assura encore une fois un show digne de ce nom, accompagné cette fois ci de Wally et de Tchouz, ainsi que notre habituelle et envoutante Ella Grave !

Ce fut un duel épique, et nous avons hâte de vous revoir en janvier, pour BEAUX DEGATS #8

Vous pouvez toutes les photo de l’événement sur notre Facebook .


Nous  y voila. La dernière exposition de la Fresh Paint Gallery dans les locaux de La Patrie.

Afin de marquer le coup, nous avons invités bon nombre d'artistes ayant participé au projet depuis sa création, afin de réaliser une exposition unique : Le POP-UP SHOW

Le but étant de dire au revoir avec panache, en donnant un moyen à notre fidèle public de se souvenir de nous.

Le concept est assez simple : créer des panneaux interactifs, où les visiteurs pourront s'introduire le temps d'une photo. Une photo qu'il pourrait garder, pour se souvenir de cet endroit.

Permis les artistes ayant participé se trouve

  • Isaac Holland
  • Delphine Delas
  • Louisa Donnelly
  • Gawd
  • Emmanuel Laflamme
  • Bianca Hlywa
  • Eric Clement
  • Hoarkor
  • Adida Fallen Angel
  • Brad Firmino
  • Antoine Tavaglione
  • Frank le pirate
  • K6A
  • Paulie Heart

Jennifer Hamilton

” I’m a Montreal-based visual artist and spiritual activist. I make a zine called WAY, which combines texts and images from many sacred traditions. I’ve done a few poster installations and paintings in alternative venues and in the streets in Montreal, Brussels, Berlin and Goderich. I also make big paintings and drawings in my art studio. I like school a lot so I’ve studied fine art (BFA), fashion design (AEC), information science (MLIS) and religion (MDIV) and I’ll probably be in school forever. I also practice yoga, meditation and healing arts. I love to play chess.”

Lily Luciole

Lily est une artiste qui puise dans ses souvenirs personnels et dans ses émotions afin de pouvoir raconter une histoire qui puisse être partagée par d’autres.  Faisant son possible pour être elle-même, c’est à dire profondément optimiste. Elle souhaite d’une certaine manière que ses petites créations puissent illuminer.
Quand on lui demande comment definir son art et son art de rue, elle nous repond que c’est comme une manière pour elle de se questionner sur son identité, ses origines.  Cela luie permet aussi de rester vivante (garder mon unité) dans un monde qui devient de plus en plus absurde pour l’homme.Si on lui demande ce qu’est pour elle le rôle de l’artiste, elle nous cite Tagore :
J’aurais aimé te dire que nous sommes là pour explorer,  découvrir et partager ce qu’il y a de meilleur en nous. Chacun possède un trésor.
Sois conscient et généreux de ton trésor et, en même temps, reste ouvert, attentif à recevoir le trésor des autres,  disposé à apprendre et à te remettre en question
– Le Jardinier de L’Amour


"We are a two visual artists, HOAR and KOR, who work as a team to bring our individual styles together as one. We both come from Montreal, Quebec and get a lot of inspiration from the Montreal city life. We work with stencils, wheat paste, spray paint, screen print, painting, drawing and installation. We both are students at Concordia University doing our bachelors in fine arts. Both of us have been into and involved in the Montreal street art scene for several years and have been working more recently in gallery shows doing larger installations. Our work is inspired from pop culture,graffiti, cartoons and graphic novels. "