From an early age Trevor Wheatley publicity displayed his alphabet throught graffiti. This youthful interest developped into a full-fledged adult love affinity with typeface. His work is primarly concerned with language, type and their manipulation to convey meaning, mood and message. Wheatley received a fine arts degree from Condordia University. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, where he operates a collaborative studio under the moniker Goods and Services. His most recent work focus on public art mural and gallery based installations.

Brand New mural at Foufounes Electriques

MONSTR aux Foufounes Électriques / Under Pressure 2013

MONSTR aux Foufounes Électriques / Under Pressure 2013 from Kevin Millet on Vimeo.

Artist: Benjamin Tran aka Monstr
Directed by Kevin Millet

Foufounes Électriques
Festival Under Pressure 2013
Fresh Paint Gallery 2013
Les remplisseurs

Music: Mos Def feat Slick Rick – Auditorium


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Beaux Dégats #12 The winner tags all

Written by Hera Chan

The 12th monthly Beaux Degats event cried war on the second floor of the Foufoune Electriques bar on Sainte Catherine street east last night. Presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon, High on Beats, and Under Pressure, the fine mess that was Beaux Degats gave six art teams the opportunity to live paint in two sessions of an hour each based on two themes – one chosen by drawn, and the other picked by choice.

In anticipation of the Under Pressure International Graffiti Convention this upcoming weekend, the themes drawn from a hat were all slogans from previous Under Pressure conventions. The winning team painted to the slogan of “Down with the King,” with their chosen theme of the TA wall.

This edition of Beaux Degats marked the end of its first year in existence, which host Ella Grave was proud to announce over the mike. Grave has been hosting the Beaux Degats since day one, when it was held in the old location of the Fresh Paint Gallery at the corner of Sainte Catherine street east and Hôtel-de-Ville avenue. Today Grave was joined by Osti One, and Rathbone, as well as deejays and emcees Construct, Mayday, and Famelik.

The winning team, voted in by the public audience using empty beer cans as their ballots, were called the Tadaists, and consisted of artists Peter Farmer, Philippe Mastrocola, and James Farrell.

Farmer, a painter and designer by trade, said he heard of the Beaux Degats through deejay Construct. It was Farmer’s second time participating in Beaux Degats, and he swears his crew lost the winning title last time by two beer cans.

Last night was the second time the three painters had worked together. The first time the trio collaborated was last Sunday in the rain at the Tam Tams drum circle in Mount Royal Park.

“You feel it in your stomach when you wake up in the morning,” Farmer said about being a painter. Last week, he sold a painting for $4,000 which took an hour to paint. At Beaux Degats, the two-hour piece made with his fellow comrades will be buffed over in time for next month’s Beaux Degats.

Coming in fourth, the Noyau Dur crew – made up of Lapin, Paulie Heart, and Aude Robert-Gingras – painted to the slogan of “Real Recognize MontREAL” with the chosen theme of Hochelaga, which was changed to Hochelagold in the painting itself.

Heart, currently in the process of installing a piece at the Fresh Paint Gallery said in French that the image her crew chose was the group’s logo, a giant comic ball smashing the Olympic Stadium. “I feel it represents us and where we live and evolve,” she added.

Noyau Dur, identifiable by their holographic gold lightning bolts taped to their backs during the event, bought their costume add-ons from the Dollarama. Heart noted that the material was interesting because it couldn’t be produced using paint.

Heart started out working in graphic design and cinema, saying it was “daunting to paint on such large surfaces.” Slowly, through work at the gallery, she said she gained “the confidence necessary to really attack a wall or any surface.”

Under Pressure 2013 Official program

Félicitation à toute la communauté de BENEVOLES qui se mobilise chaque année depuis 18 ans maintenant, simplement pour la beauté d’offrir un évenement de qualité et l’un des rare festival alternatif de MTL avec presque aucun moyen financier ! On le redira jamais assez, grand merci aux organisateurs, graffeurs, bénévoles, B-girl, B-boys dj’s, skateur, Mc’s, Contributeurs !

On se retrouve le 10 & 11 Août pour celebrer !

Congratulations to whole community of VOLUNTEERS who come together every summer for the past 18 years now to create such an amazing program for the sake of offering one of the VERY VERY few alternative festivals in MTL with no money !! Once again big UP to all volunteers, organisers, Graffiti writers, dj’s, Skaters, Mc’s,B-boys and B-girls, sponsors !

See you at the festival on 10th and 11th to celebrate !





skate jam and bboy



Fresh Paint is now ready to jump on Sainte-Catherine !

The Transition

It has been more than 7 months since the Under Pressure team temporarily closed the doors of the FRESH PAINT space in order to focus and concentrate on the continuation of the project. If the lack of transparency surrounding our intentions was misleading and you believed we were closed for good, we are happy to announce that you were gravely mistaking!

Over the last 7 months our dedicated team of volunteers has been working hard preparing the new space. This period of time was necessary for us to nurture our ideas, listens and identify the needs of the artists we worked with. It also permitted us to seriously reflect on the direction for the second phase of the project in order to make sure it properly reflected the evolution of the graffiti, street art and arts community.

It is our mandate with FRESH PAINT to guarantee the evolution of the culture and visibility for these artists while remaining as pure as possible to the ever changing, ever commercialized and highly mainstreamed exploitation of these artist’s works. Many have jumped on the street art and graffiti bandwagon in the past 3 years and in some cases have completely commodified this form of art to the point of ad agencies stealing it for campaigns without paying the artists for their intellectual properties.

Finally after 15 months of existence and constant cultural activities the time is here again to feed the masses with their continued and increasing demand, incredible support and a public who are always hungry to consume more visual information and a growing appetite for education. As we reach a cultural boiling point in alternative visual arts in Montreal, it is important to us that our public sees what they’ve encouraged and helped create over the last 3 years along side us. With many events, pop up galleries and shows, activities and festivals, a larger network currently exists for these artists.

Out of the dark and into the light

Finally all the work we have been doing behind closed doors and in the veil of darkness is over and it’s with lots of new ideas, projects and plenty of ambition that we are proud to announce the beginning of FRESH PAINT revisited!

In a more intimate and personal space located along Sainte-Catherine street east, we encourage the public to come and refine their appreciation and develop their critical opinion of the works and installations that we will be presenting.

The artists, carefully selected, have been working non stop for the last 2 months on an audacious group show that comments on current events and issues we are faced with everyday.

Join us on Saturday June 8th as we start a new adventure! Until then we will be putting out teasers and supplementary information to guide you and prepare you for our amazing first exhibition, so stay tuned!

While you are waiting, here are a few photos to tease your senses and hopefully peak your interests without giving away too much information.

Beaux Dégâts 1st Anniversary

Wednesday May 29th at Foufounes Electriques !
Wednesday May 29th at Foufounes Electriques !

For the past twelve months an eclectic community of individuals have gathered with one goal in mind, to share and be creative in the most pure and universal form of action: creation. Through the dedicated participation of artists, djs, volunteers and the public at large the Beaux Degats Art Mash UP were born.

An incredibly motivated team of volunteer who came up with this crazy concept without thinking a second that it would be successful.

Beaux Degats exists for the simple reason of bringing back what has been too long forgotten or ignored by commercial and private art institutions. These battles bring us back to the reality of the artists and street artists which is that of community, accessibility, sharing and the acceptance that, by nature, everything which is created is ephemeral.

As long as this event stay grounded, open and true to the nature of creation it will last long! So we hope to see you on May 29th for a unbeleivable party at Foufounes Electriques.

Idalina Leandro + FERNTV: All She Wrote Documentary

To have a great idea is one thing but to put it all together is another.  Sometimes it takes years to put that great idea all together and have everything fall into place.  Filmmaker Idalina Leandro has certainly been aggressively persistent to put her brainchild “All She Wrote” together.  The subject of female graffiti artists empowering themselves through this art is quite the topic but putting the pieces together for the silver screen is an art itself.  FERNTV spoke with filmmaker Idalina Leandro to discuss about the writing that is on the wall…

FERNTV:  Tell us here at FERNTV how you first started out in the film industry?

Idalina:  I was always into acting and writing from a young age. I went to Etobicoke School of the arts and majored in drama in high school. I left Canada in 1998 to live in Europe and I was doing photography at the time. In 2003 I lived in Paris assisting fashion photographers and started to miss writing and I wanted to direct films. I found an English speaking acting class called film acting Paris run by Charles Weinstein and I started writing and acting again. I moved back to London in 2005 and studied at the Impulse Company with Scott Williams and I got an acting agent. I was tired of waiting for an audition so I started writing, directing and producing my own stuff and opened a company called Nightshade Productions. We focused on making thought provoking films that would raise awareness to social and political issues. In 2010, I left London and continued the company under ‘a film company’ keeping with the ethic. All She Wrote is the first film under the new company and also our first documentary.

FERNTV: Where did you get the inspiration to make this documentary All She Wrote?

Idalina:  I have been photographing graffiti for years.  It has always been a favourite subject. In 2002, when I was living in Portugal, I thought to myself ‘there must be women doing this’ so I became curious to know who they were. It was then that I had the idea to make a documentary about the women of graffiti. I wanted to know who the women were who were doing my favourite kind of art.

FERNTV:  From your perspective what is the main difference between male and female graffiti artists?

Idalina:  In regards to the art itself, I don’t see a difference. Women are ‘rocking’ walls just as good as or better than some guys out there. However, it can be quite dangerous for a woman to go out at night ‘bombing’ walls, especially if you are alone. Rush from India, for example, tells me that going by herself attracts the wrong kind of crowd and can be very scary.  She recently did a graffiti protest about the tragic rape that happened in New Delhi and she had to bring a guy friend along. Any illegal walls will run that risk anywhere but even when women do legal walls, they are usually outnumbered.

FERNTV:  What did you learn most about these female graffiti artists?

Idalina:  The thing I learned the most about all these women is that all of them are fighters and survivors. They all have something to say and aren’t afraid to say it. They use graffiti as their voice. Together, they represent every woman who has ever struggled to achieve their goals and dreams, regardless if they enjoy the basic freedoms that every woman should have, but, unfortunately, many do not.

FERNTV:  What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

Idalina:  Actually getting the film off the ground; I had the idea to make this documentary in 2002 when I lived in Lisbon, Portugal for a while. The original idea was to make the film just of Portuguese female graffiti artists as the graffiti scene there is massive. Unfortunately, My job at the time took me to other places around the world so I never got the project off the ground. When I moved to Portugal again in 2011, I finally was able to get the wheels in motion on pre production. It was hard to get started and get the trust of some the people in the scene there. I was finally starting to gain the trust of these graffiti girls who didn’t want to do the film because they didn’t want to be recognized. The word had spread and I was getting graff girls from all over Portugal starting to contact me to be in the film. During filming I got pregnant so we had to stop production. I couldn’t run around jumping fences to film them ‘tagging’ trains and illegal walls anymore.  I almost decided to quit the film all together but after my daughter was born in Toronto, I decided to restart the project and make it about women worldwide. I found great talented people to work with me including Heratics who are helping produce the film and everything just seemed to fall into place. My daughter’s birth actually helped me press on for what I believed in and not to give up my dream and what I wanted to achieve, which was to make this film.



FERNTV:  A lot of people think that graffiti is a negative art form and of course its associations with it, how does this film make people look at graffiti in a more positive light?

Idalina:  This film shows how passionate each woman is about their art and how they all use it to help others and their community. Toofly, for example, co-founded a program called younity which helps young female artists find their way through mentorship and exhibitions, Bomba is a youth counsellor and is involved in the native community in Toronto, Shamsia travels the world speaking about women’s rights and her paintings aim to try to change the image of women in her country, she is also a teacher at the university of Kabul, Rush did a graffiti protest against the horrible rape that happened a few months ago in the city of New Delhi, avdotya protests about the political regime in Russia, and Rafi is also an animal rights activis, Shiro is a nurse in Japan and Shalak also is involved with youth and community programs. There is more about each woman on Ultimately, I want my audience to feel inspired by each of these extraordinary women and to understand that female empowerment comes in many different forms. Around the globe, more and more women are turning to graffiti each year. Women who are nurses, mothers, students, mentors, wives, entrepreneurs, teachers and artists—they represent every woman out there struggling to have their voices heard.

FERNTV:  Tell us a little bit about A Film Company?

Idalina:  A film company was created in Portugal in 2010 by Idalina Leandro, the co-founder and artistic director of Nightshade Productions. After the departure of her partner Alexis Barker in 2009 from Nightshade, Idalina closed the company they had created together to start another venture that was a truer reflection of her individual determination and passion for film, art and music.

A film company aims to produce thought-provoking, quality films, support performing and visual artists and provide a platform for their work such as screenings, exhibits and street performances. In addition, a film company’s mandate involves raising awareness around social and political issues and creating programs that connect with the community. ‘An art project’ is a graffiti art youth program that will transform abandoned buildings into outdoor galleries throughout the province of Ontario. Commencing in late 2013, this program will provide young people with a venue to release their inner artist and help them learn skills that will empower them in the future.

FERNTV:  When can we expect this documentary to be released and what festivals to be plan to submit this film to?

Idalina:  We are currently looking for funding to finish the film and we have an indiegogo campaign that has just launched. Anyone who would like to contribute can go to .  Support would be much appreciated and there are special perks for our contributors such as stickers, t shirts, spray cans, sweatshirts and even a graffiti canvas made by one of the artists of the film.

ASW will be released early 2014 and ready for the film festival season of that year. We will be submitting to all the major film festivals like TIFF, Cannes, Venice, Tribeca and Sundance and other documentary festivals like Hotdocs.

Originally posted by Fernando Fernandez here

Beaux Dégâts, Mixed MEDIA,2013, FP

Oubliez les vernissages embourgeoisés, les attitudes, l’élitisme et les égos ! Beaux Dégâts est là pour ramener ce qui a été trop longtemps oublié par les institutions d’arts et ramener une réalité, celle de nos artistes de rue: l’importance de la communauté, le partage, l’accessibilité, l’inusité.

Des équipes d’artistes sous pression pendant près de 3heures pour improviser sur une thématique dans le but de produire la meilleure murale possible. Tandis que plus de 20 artistes se démènent pour leur création, le public joue quant à lui le rôle de juge ! Voyageant d’un univers esthétique à un autre les spectateurs élisent leur œuvre favorite grâce à leurs canettes de bière vides. Ainsi, l’équipe qui collecte le plus de cannettes de bière Pabst gagne le droit de peindre sur les œuvres des autres compétiteurs et devra défendre son titre lors de l’édition suivante!

Le prochain MASH UP, se tiendra le mercredi 24 Avril aux Foufounes Electriques SANS l’équipe vainqueur de IRON AXE ! On peut également vous annoncer un événement spécial pour le 10ème BDG qui se tiendra le 29 Mai !

7pm to 1am
ART MASHUP ! April 24th @Foufounes Electriques

Beaux Dégâts vu par la presse ! Continue reading “Beaux Dégâts, Mixed MEDIA,2013, FP”