Arab Winter: Sundus Abdul Hadi Artist Profile

by The Narcicyst

Under Pressure X The Medium Presents

Arab Winter Exhibition and Show Live at Fresh Paint Gallery, 180 St-Catherine East, December 2nd 2011 at 7 PM. Arab Winter is a Multimedia, multi-disciplinary event with musicians, painters, calligraphists, graffiti artists and short films. It is the first show in a series by this collective of Artists.

Sundus Abdul Hadi was born to Iraqi parents in the UAE in 1984 and raised in Montreal, Canada. As a painter and multi-media artist, Abdul Hadi works around the concepts of media representation, and subverting existing images. Her frequent stays in the Middle East inform much of her work, in juxtaposition to her critical consumption of Western media. Her work has been featured and exhibited in the UAE, Palestine, Iraq, Australia, Canada and the US, with solo shows of her multimedia series “Warchestra” held in Toronto, and Ottawa.

About Warchestra and The Flight Series

Warchestra was initiated as a painting series combatting the stereotypical images of Arabs in the Western media. By creating an image that does not exist in the media, the Warchestra experience aims to redefine, re-imagine and reinvent the events of the East and have them exist in a possible, yet imaginary alternative to how we, as spectators, consume media. The project is a multi-media experience in collaboration with local and International vocalists and musicians interpolating the art into sound.

Flight is about healing. Human flight, in particular, exists only in the realm of the impossible, and is brought to life through youthful imagination. The work is positioned in the context of the current “UP-risings” happening in the Arab World, and the obstacles that the youth must overcome.

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