A few words with MaysR


How long have you been involved with Under Pressure?

Well I’ve been going since the first one, the first one I’ve painted somewhere between ten and fifteen years ago. I went to the first one and went back every year pretty much, I don’t think I’ve missed one.

You have some guests from Toronto coming to paint this year, who will be there?

I think Fathom, Licks, C Lock who is an old school writer from Montreal who lives in Quebec now, Cast, he’s another old school writer from Montreal. Another guy who writes Macer who is actually from Victoria. I think that’s it, there might be a few other guys but these are for sure.

You are also a DJ, have you also done the music side of UP?

Yeah pretty much every year for at least the last ten years. Last year, I was supposed to but I was too involved in painting, I didn’t bother. This year, I don’t want to say I’m gonna play and end up being too caught up and not play so I skipped out this year.

Where does the names MaysR come from?

I started writing Maceo and then I got sick of the O, cuz it’s just a circle, can’t do much with it. So I added a R, Macer and then I added a Y, but then it got too long, Maycer, so I dropped the C, added a S, then I dropped the E cuz it was too long and it turned out to be MaysR. So it’s just an evolution of letters and it pretty much turned into my name, nobody calls me anything other than MaysR, even most of my family call me MaysR. It just like evolved and now it’s pretty much my name.

What’s your favourite letter to paint in your name?

I love R’s, I’m super sick of M but I’m stuck with it so there is not much I can do about that and so I make it work.

Is it really different to paint for the Under Pressure Festival versus painting on the streets?

Yes, it’s different because there are a lot of people watching. I know a lot of people in the city so whenever I paint, I try to make sure I’m high up so I don’t have to talk with people every like four minutes cuz that just interrupts the whole painting thing. I make it work. Every year there is a whole bunch of people that come there and you only get to see them once a year so I try to do my piece and then after go socialize.

What do you think of the Under Pressure Festival, what does it represent for you?

A big meeting of tons of writers, I’ve met tons of people through Under Pressure, which is super cool, people I wouldn’t have met usually. It’s a good thing, it’s cool to show people what we do and it’s really exposed. Kids come, old people come, people who have no idea what graffiti is will come and check it out so that’s a really cool thing.